The MetalFox platform has been specially designed to make sheet metal flattening accessible as many people as possible

The birth of MetalFox…

Étienne Thépénier, the principal founder of MetalFox starts his career as sheet metal worker. In the field, he practiced metal flattening and observed its limitations in terms of effectiveness (accuracy, implementation time, etc.) and reliability. He therefore decided to create a flattening tool that would be efficient and accessible to everyone, both technically and economically. To help him to achieve this, he gathered a multidisciplinary team of experts to create MetalFox, the first online flattening platform.

The founders

Etienne Thépénier

After being sheet metal worker in various companies in France and Germany, Étienne was successively draughtsman, project manager and R&D engineer. He has mastered all aspects of sheet metal flattening and the mechanical constraints in sheet metal forming.

Colin Debras

Colin is an engineer in mechanical engineering and a doctor of materials science. He worked in the same R&D department as Étienne where he developed predictive mathematical models of material damage.